About Me

My name is Danielle Miller. I have a wonderful husband, David, who has taught me everything I know about being a sales person. Yeah, I could man a cash register before, but I'm on the shy and quiet side, and he's helped me get out there and do things better. I have a baby named Dawson. He's my first, but I do have three step children. I love them dearly, but I'm their "evil stepmother" so it's a perception I have to live with. I feel truly lucky to have other family members that I consider my best friends, along with some good friends that I consider my family. Even my in laws are wonderful. How many people can say that?!

I'm certainly not without problems. Most I won't mention, but the main one of importance for this site is that I was recently laid off from my job. I had been doing my candle business on the side www.lmfcandles.com for a couple years, but I'm looking at this phase in my life as an opportunity to truly go for it with my business. It's what I really want to do. I love all aspects of it. Making candles, working on my website, shopping for interesting items to sell, and I'm an accountant so I also enjoy the financial aspects of it. I also really enjoy doing the marketing and creating the "image" of my business.

I started doing this blog after I got into couponing. I found that saving money on groceries and other things will make me able to more easily invest in my business. I know many other people, some in a similar situation as me, others that just want to work from home for whatever reason, or some that just want to bring in a little extra income, are looking for ways to get started. I'm hoping that I can use this blog to share what I've learned.
I've found that not having a regular job and doing my own thing is A LOT of work. Almost more than a regular job. For one thing, I have four jobs now. I'm a stay at home mommy, a home maker, I run a candle business, and I'm a mystery shopper.
However, I positively love everything that I'm doing. My jobs are my life, they define me, they're fun. It's certainly helping me get over my shyness! It's so much better, at least for my personality type, to be able to balance the accounting with the creativity that candles and writing gives me. With just one or the other, my brain is chaos. And now I'm starting to feel like I'm fully utilizing all of my skills and talents. And picking up new ones along the way.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Under Construction

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